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Automation, IT and Telematic services

Intesis provides automation, IT and telematic services since 1988. Automation, supervision and telecontrol are the strategic application sectors in which INTESIS mainly operates by offering a wide range of services including:br />

  • design of hardware and software systems
  • supply of data collection and electric boards
  • development of application software for local and remote monitoring and automatic processes management

PalmareAt INTESIS, we are able to develop “turn-key” systems, providing clients with customized solutions to meet all kinds of requirements. Our Engineering and Software Development team will support clients at all stages: from the choice of the most suitable system architecture, hardware and software solutions to post-testing assistance through on-site, telephone and telematic support.

Our reference traditional market includes networks of public utilities, aqueducts, water purification and lifting, sewage, depuration, and irrigation systems, wells, reservoirs, dams, etc. Within the industry automation sector, INTESIS designs and develops software and systems for process control, automation, revamping of obsolete installations, data collection for quality control, production planning and management.

In recent years, INTESIS has also been paying particular attention to network video technology for monitoring industrial and environmental processes, integrating SCADA applications within control rooms for the supervision and control of the installation operation parameters. For, besides guaranteeing safety, video-supervision systems also ensure a “real-time direct visual presence” on critical processes such as the adjustment of sluice-gates, and on production lines using substances including toxic dusts or smokes, filter washing for water purification systems, etc.

Since 2004 INTESIS is a member of ANIE-Assoautomazione and actively participates to their Telecontrol group offering supervision services for water, gas and power networks. From 2007 it also joins the leading companies within the sector through Carta dei Servizi, a new ID card for industrial automation services.

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